T3 transporter VW Volkswagen repair manual

The Volkswagen kind 2 had been the next generation of this Volkswagen Transporter and is marketed under numerous nameplates globally – like given that Transporter or Caravelle in Europe, Microbus in South Africa, so that as the Vanagon in North

Volkswagen VW Transporter Commercial Type 2 T3 Caravelle Vanagon 1982 - 1990

car repair service maintenance manual book
Get Other VW Transporter Repair Manuals click here VW Volkswagen Transporter (water-cooled) Petrol 1982 - 1990 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers: Van Pickup and Minibus (Caravelle) with water-cooled engines. Engines Covered: - 1.9 litre (1913cc) (DF DG EY GW) - 2.1 litre (2109cc) (DJ MV SS codes) four cylinder models. Contents: - Routine Maintenance - Tune-Up Procedures - Engine Repair - Cooling And Heating - Air-Conditioning - Fuel And Exhaust - Emissions Control - Ignition Brakes - Suspension And Steering - Electrical Systems - Wiring Diagrams NOTE: Only maintenance adjustment minor repair procedures plus removal and installation are described for the Transmissions.

How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine 1961 onwards

car repair service maintenance manual book
Rebuild Aircooled VW Engines HP255 by Tom WilsonGet other VW repair manuals hereA guide to engine rebuilding includes discussions of removal parts indentification cylinder head reconditioning and engine assembly Integracar tries to make available a diverse array of workshop guides. But owners manuals can be created for assorted countries and the motor cars engineered for those nations. That means not all service manuals may be acceptable for your particular car. If you have queries whether a particular repair manual is relevant for your automobile kindly contact us hereRebuild Aircooled VW Engines HP255 by Tom Wilson

How to Convert Volkswagen Bus or Van to Camper

car repair service maintenance manual book
How to Convert Volkswagen Bus or Van to Camper by Lindsay PorterGet other VW repair manuals hereThis volume contains detailed step-by-step instructions for converting a VW Transporter van or bus to a Camper. It gives advice on how to choose the best van for your needs and prepare it - how to plan the layout and choose fittings how to fit an elevating roof how to cut panels and fit utilities. Integracar tries to have a sizeable array of owners guides. However owners manuals can sometimes be manufactured for very different nations and the motor vehicles designed for those nations. For this reason not all workshop manuals may be applicable for your individual car. If you have important questions whether or not a selected maintenance manual is best suited for your car do not hesitate to make contact with us hereHow to Convert Volkswagen Bus or Van to Camper by Lindsay Porter

Volkswagen VW Transporter T3 Petrol 1982-1989 Service Repair Manual Brooklands Books Ltd UK

car repair service maintenance manual book
Volkswagen VW Transporter 1982 - 1989 Owners Workshop Manual Covers The following Engine Reference Letters: Carburetor 1.9 Litre - DF DG or EY. Injected 1.9 Litre - GW. 2.1 Litre Without Catalytic Converter - DJ. 2.1 Litre with Catalytic Converter - MV.Covers the Water Cooled Rear-Engined Petrol models only with Manual Gearbox from 1982 - 1989. Kombi. Stationwagon. Bus. Camper. Caravelle. Pick-Up 1.9 Litre and 2.1 Litre Carburettor Fuel Injected Water Cooled Engines.Contents:: Engines Ignition System Lubrication System Cooling System Carburettor Fuel System Fuel Injection System Exhaust System Clutch Manual Transmission Automatic Transmission Rear Drive Shafts Rear Axle Transmission Front Suspension Mechanical Power Assisted Steering Brake System Electrical Equipment Bodywork Fault FindingWiring Diagrams VW Transporter with 1.9 Litre Engine: Wiring Diagram - Battery Starter Motor Alternator Ignition / Starter Switch Wiring Diagram - Ignition System Wiring Diagram - Intake Manifold

Volkswagen Vanagon Transporter Air cooled 4 cyl 1980-1983

car repair service maintenance manual book
Volkswagen (VW) Vanagon 1980 - 1983 Haynes Owners Service Repair Manual covers 1980-1983 Volkswagen (VW) Vanagon with 2.0 litre air-cooled flat-four engines.Note: this manual DOES NOT cover water-cooled or diesel engine models.Contents: Introduction: Vehicle Identification Numbers. Buying Parts. Safety. Maintenance Techniques. Chemical And Lubricants And More. Tune-Up And Routine Maintenance General Engine Overhaul Procedures Cooling Heating And Air-Conditioning Systems Fuel And Exhaust Systems Engine Electrical Systems Emissions Control Systems Transmission Driveline Brakes Suspension And Steering Systems Body Chassis Electrical System Wiring Diagrams

and South America.

Bigger and thicker than their predecessor, the T2, – in accordance with a far more squared and less rounded styling – the T3 ended up being stated in Germany from 1979 until 1990. Production of the 2WD continued until 1992 at Puch in Graz/Austria, where all 4WDs was built. South African creation of the T3 continued, for the markets just, until 2002. The T3 was the last generation of rear-engined Volkswagens.

Following Type 2 T2, the kind 2 T3 in the beginning featured air-cooled and consequently water-cooled machines. Versions stated in South Africa from 1990 until 2002 featured an Audi five-cylinder system.

Volkswagen promoted the Westfalia camper variation through the entire T3 manufacturing, with services like an appear roofing, refrigerator, sink, and stove.

Examples built between 1980 and 1985 featured round headlights and chrome-plated metal bumpers with synthetic end-caps. Air-cooled models lack the low barbecue grill above the radiator associated with water-cooled brands, except on products with factory air-conditioning. 1986 model season vehicles obtained changes like a tachometer, more material options, redesigned ac, bigger water-cooled motor with an even more advanced system management system, and redesigned transmissions like an optional Syncro four-wheel drive. Exterior modifications feature rectangular headlights and different paint alternatives. Alloy rims, larger and squarer vinyl bumpers with trim along the rocker panels had been optional, and standard products on Hannover Edition vans. For 1990 and 1991 model years, a "Carat" trim amount ended up being readily available including all available alternatives.

All 1980 many 1981 models had eight welded-in material slats within the system air flow passages behind the rear windows. Later designs have black colored plastic 16-slat protects that slotted in at the top and screwed down at the bottom.

During 1980s, the U.S. Army and environment Force in Germany put T3's as administrative cars. In military make use of the vehicle's nomenclature is "Light Truck, Commercial".

Porsche has generated a variation known as B32 in a finite version. The van, based on the luxurious Carat model, is designed with the 231 PS 3.2 liter Carrera system and is initially developed to aid Porsche's evaluating activities in Algeria. Ten of these are built, with some sold by Porsche to special customers. Porsche on their own additionally made use of the Porsche-engined coach to transport team rapidly. Top speed had been around 135 miles per hour, although Porsche best claimed 116 mph to make sure that the data could possibly be replicated with nine folk when you look at the vehicles and with the air conditioning on full.

Oettinger is promoting a six-cylinder version labeled as WBX6. The engine hails from the "Wasserboxer" engine and it has numerous typical section with-it. The introduction of the system was originally developed to Oettinger by VW. Oettinger purchased the liberties whenever VW decided not to use it.

The last Volkswagen T3 Microbus emerged off the manufacturing range on Friday, after becoming built in the Uitenhage plant for more than 20 years.

It was a gold-painted Microbus 2,6i. So popular is the T3 Microbus that it became element of regional motoring folklore – even the title "Kombi" features for all become a generic term for any minibus. Over 265 000 of those automobiles being integrated South Africa.

Handling manager Hans-Christian Maergner, talking at a special work to mark the termination of creation of the T3 Microbus, said that it was with "a sign of sadness and nostalgia" that the T3 Microbus era had drawn to a detailed at Volkswagen South Africa.

"in several ways, the T3 Microbus keeps a special place, not just in the hearts of those, like our employees, with worked on building this South African icon over time, but additionally the numerous subscribers who've been fortunate enough your can purchase one," said Maergner.

”We started building the Transporter, or T1, in Uitenhage in 1955, simply four years after Beetle manufacturing begun. Over the years it has changed it self, from the T1 toward T2 in 1968, last but not least on T3 which made an appearance regarding regional markets in 1980.

"over any kind of South African transporter, this indicates to have considering phrase to a way of life which exclusively South African. All South Africans involve some types of bus tale to talk about – if it is gonna a football or cricket complement in a Microbus, using a taxi ride or joining the household on vacation, we have all – on some occasion – have an opportunity to participate the Microbus story.

"when you look at the plant, options have been no various. Due to the perseverance, development and skill of all with worked on the T3 Microbus, from operators, through the direction and management, right through to design engineers, we have were able to keep the Microbus alive for way too long – for quite some time holding a unique against rigid competition available on the market.

"its only because of declining economies of scale that individuals need call it just about every day – therefore the decision by some crucial vendors to discontinue producing particular regarding the components that we required.

"I believe the pleased tradition and values of the Microbus will live on, not only in our hearts, but also within the brand new generation brought in front-wheel-drive T4 Caravelle, an extremely worthwhile successor," said Maergner.

The past range being offered from Volkswagen contains four products – including the Microbus 2,3i, Microbus 2,6i, Caravelle 2,6i together with special edition Microbus 2,6i Active

Aided by the internal combustion system and transaxle mounted low in the straight back, the T3 had bigger disc brakes right in front, and drums into the rear. Axle weight is very nearly equal upon both front and straight back ends associated with the vehicle. Unlike the T2 before they, the T3 is readily available with facilities such as power steering, air cooling, power door hair, electrically influenced and heated mirrors, lighted vanity mirrors, and a light over the glove package.

The automatic was a standard hydraulic three-speed product, similar 090/010 device as used in Audis for the era. These featured a cast aluminum alloy case for transmission section, and a cast iron circumstances for last drive section.

The 091 handbook transmission was a four-speed unit, featuring a lightweight aluminium alloy situation; from 1983 a 5-speed transmission had been readily available as an alternative on certain designs; a 5-speed was installed as traditional on diesels and Syncro four-wheel drive models.

The automatic properties a 1.0 ratio top gear, as the manual features a 0.85 top equipment.

The oils filler tube for motor is located behind the flip-down permit plate home, as is the oils dipstick and power steering liquid reservoir. Most vans have a twist-on/off gas limit directly on the exterior just below and behind the passenger side-door. A locking cap was optional. The free tyre is based on a tray under the very front side associated with the van, just beneath the radiator.

US Vanagon design variations included the Vanagon, featuring vinyl seating and a spartan internal; the Vanagon L with optional fabric seating, considerably upscale inside panels, and an optional dashboard blower; the Vanagon GL with an increase of products, while the Westfalia pop-top camper Vanagons, which emerged in 2 models. A Camper variation with built-in home, detailed with refrigerator, a-two burner kitchen stove, and stainless sink with onboard water supply. A fold down backside workbench seat changed into a bed plus the pop-top included a fold out bed; these systems could rest four grownups. A 'Weekender ' variation which lacked the fridge, propane kitchen stove, and sink for the full 'camper' variations offered an optional removable cabinet with a 12 volt cooler and self-contained sink. In 1984, the Wolfsburg edition had been configured with a rear workbench seat and two forward-facing middle seating. Underneath the bench chair, which collapsed down seriously to create full-size bed, was a storage storage space and a rear heater.

Wolfsburg version "Weekender" versions featured two rear-facing seats behind the leading chairs as opposed to a centre workbench chair and a table might fold up through the sidewall – or fold straight down you should definitely used. "Multivan" designs showcased Wolfsburg Edition trim and an inside with rear-facing seating. Wolfsburg Edition and camper van cars are outfitted for Volkswagen by the Westfalia factory.

Syncro models had been manufactured in minimal data from 1985 through 1992, aided by the four-wheel drive system included by Steyr-Daimler-Puch work in Graz, Austria, with a brief wheelbase and 48/52 front/rear weight circulation.

Model many years 1980 to 1985 have circular sealed beam headlights. Subsequent versions for North American and European areas have circular sealed beam headlights or modest square headlights, aided by the major lighting outboard and higher beams inboard. Later brands from South Africa gone back to round headlight housings for the primary headlights and high-beams.

The T3 ended up being changed by the T4 in america market in 1993. Top-of-the-line Wolfsburg Edition Westfalia Campers, which had all options, are at the top of the cost number. Besides the camper models, a Carat trim amount is designed for 1990 and 1991 design many years. This design included all possibilities for the Transporter configuration. Some products had recommended aluminum alloy tires.
South African designs

Production of the T3 continuing in South Africa until June 2002, whenever, due to the economies of scale, Volkswagen SA were obliged to cease manufacturing after areas supply started initially to be an issue. The South African T3s post 1991 had a face-lift which included changed front door piece material, bigger side house windows behind the B pillars and various back grilles inside D pillars. The bodyshell try a real RHD build lacking the unused door track cover on the offside and LHD wiper supply mount guidelines as available on earlier in the day brands. On systems with 5-cylinder motors the boot floor grew up to accommodate the taller system and contains little storage space places either region of the engine hatch. Interior modifications incorporate a fully padded dashboard featuring a smaller glove package and up-to-date vacuum-powered ventilation settings managed by round knobs instead of slip levers, the fuse field has also been relocated off to the right give region of the steering column. At the front associated with the automobile twin-headlamps both in round and rectangular configurations were installed alongside a complete width lower grille integrating the signal contacts, which were altered from amber to smoked contacts from 1999 onwards, this grille and headlight combo wasn't discover elsewhere worldwide. These later on South African T3s became called Big screen T3s because of their bigger side house windows.

The 2.1 Wasserboxer machines were replaced with five-cylinder Audi machines inside "Microbus" and "Caravelle", while a VW 1.8 inline-four cylinder system is found in the "Kombi" and "Van" systems. The 5-cylinder T3's arrived initially with a 2.5 litre fuel inserted motor in 1991, but this was changed in 1995 with a 2.6 litre with a better gas injections system, 5-speed transmission and two varieties of 15" alloy wheels as standard alongside bigger ventilated front disc brakes. A slightly reduced spec 2.3 five cylinder fuel-injected model is launched combined with 2.6 but is equipped with a 4-speed transmission and modified wrap-around steel bumpers. Nearby the end of manufacturing, a premier associated with the number Caravelle 2.6i referred to as "Exclusiv" included two rear-facing seats instead of the center bench seat, a fridge and a folding dining table in the back of the car and Carat 2 alloy wheels. A Microbus 2.6i with close functions, however with Rhein alloy rims ended up being known as the "Activ". The very last T3 from the manufacturing line in Uitenhage on Friday June 16, 2002 had been a gold-coloured Microbus 2.6i which Volkswagen SA retained for his or her AutoPavilion, Place of Cars and Legends, which very first established its doorways in 2004. The car is later on written off in a transporter roll-over accident in November 2006, after coming back from a display in Cape city.

There were four basic petrol engine variants between 1979 and 1991, with a number of sub-models. All were overhead-valve push-rod horizontally opposed four-cylinder machines. Readily available motor options differed between regions. Aftermarket VW expert Oettinger additionally offered the WBX6, a six-cylinder version.

1.6 L air-cooled, solitary Solex 34 PICT-4 carburettor
2.0 L air-cooled, twin Solex 34 PDSIT-2/3 carburettor or gasoline injected flat-four when you look at the 1980 to 1983½ systems
1.9 litre machines:
1.9 L water-cooled system useful for the 1983½ to 1985 brands, which used a gas injection system known as "Digijet"
1.9 L 8.6:1 compression proportion, 34-PICT carburetor
1.9 L 8.6:1 compression proportion, 2E3 or 2E4 carburetor
1.9 L 7.5:1 compression ratio, 34-PICT carburetor
1.9 L 8.6:1 compression proportion, Bosch Digijet electric gasoline injections
2.1 Litre motors:
2.1 L Wasserboxer, made use of through to the end of Vanagon importation to the United States in 1991. This system made use of a more higher level motor administration program referred to as Bosch "Digifant we" which today digitally was able ignition time including gas delivery.
2.1 L 9:1 compression ratio Wasserboxer
2.1 L 10:1 compression proportion, Digijet injection, just sold in countries in europe maybe not calling for catalytic converter.

The Wasserboxer featured an aluminum circumstances, cylinder heads, and pistons, and a forged metal crankshaft. The Wasserboxer, as with all VW boxer motors has a gear-driven camshaft. It also showcased Heron, or "bowl-in-piston" kind combustion chambers in which the combustion happens in the piston dish area, and not simply inside cylinder head as would be the circumstances with flat-top pistons..

The switch to water-cooled boxer machines ended up being made mid-year in 1983. T2 transporters or 'bay screen' vans, manufactured in Brazil until 2013, are switched to in-line 4 cylinder water-cooled machines and a front attached radiator in 2005.

Oettinger WBX6
3.2 L VW-Oettinger Wasserboxer, gasoline inserted.
3.7 L VW-Oettinger Wasserboxer, gasoline inserted.

The six-cylinder system as utilized in the VW Oettinger WBX6 was developed by VW together with Oettinger for usage when you look at the T3. When VW abandoned the project, Oettinger took the design, processed they and put they available on the market. Therefore the six-cylinder shares numerous components with the four-cylinder Wasserboxer.
Diesel machines

In contrast to the standard flat-four gasoline engines, all diesel engine choices were of an L4 inline configuration.

1.6 L Naturally aspirated Diesel I4, available in the united states on 1982/3 products just.
1.6 L Turbocharged I4.
1.7 L All-natural aspirated I4.

LNC Industries professionals visit Germany to satisfy with Volkswagen about the future associated with brand name in Australia. No petrol or diesel VW car versions is considered suitable or financial, however it is agreed to import the T3 Transporter. A batch of 2,000 Australian-homologated Transporters are bought, adequate to final 2 yrs. LNC brings the new T3 Transporter into Sydney Motor tv show in October, however it is parked into the carpark, instead of the little VW stand.
442 Volkswagens can be bought – 96 Golfs, 287 Passats and 59 Transporters.

The T3 Transporter was introduced obtainable, in Kombi and Microbus models, with hydraulic fuel-injected 2.0-litre air-cooled engines, and handbook or automobile trans. Prices range between $10,995 to $14,995, 50per cent more than japan competitors.
518 Volkswagens are offered – 3 Golfs, 80 Passats and 435 Transporters.

179 Volkswagens are offered – 179 Transporters.

Later on around the Transporter is updated towards the newer 1915cc ‘wasserboxer’ water-cooled flat four motor, replacing the older means 4-based air-cooled engine. A 5-speed handbook gearbox is present the very first time. The nose gets an extra, lower grille for the radiator. This new Caravelle will set you back $17,995, some $1545 a lot more than their predecessor.
262 Volkswagens are offered – 262 Transporters.

393 Volkswagens are offered – 393 Transporters.
LNC sectors announces that you can forget shipments of the latest Volkswagens will soon be gotten.
The very first time since 1953, there's no Volkswagen stand on Sydney Motor Show.
123 Volkswagens are offered – 123 Transporters.

No VWs tend to be brought in; really the only purchases were clearing of old stock.
48 Volkswagens can be purchased – 48 Transporters.

Ateco set the fundamentals for VW’s relaunch by reorganising the remaining VW dealer system, casting down most previous VW representatives who had been now Subaru, Honda, Nissan or Mitsubishi dealers. Many country dealers were sealed down. Brand new VW companies had been created in the administrative centre locations.
a batch of present Transporters become brought in to help keep the merchandise available and get ready for a significant relaunch, including for the first time the 2.1-litre motor and Syncro 4WD system. Trakka are launched since the ‘official’ camper converter, having purchased Sopru Pty Ltd.
1st contemporary Australian color Volkswagen mag, the bi-monthly ‘Australian VW Power’, continues purchase at newsagents.
82 Volkswagens are sold – 82 Transporters

Ateco launches the ‘Volkswagen has returned!’ promotion, using relaunch of up-to-date, modern-day T3 Transporter range. The T3 is sold with the 70 kW 2109cc wasserboxer engine and new-front grille and rectangular headlights. Costs range between $19,995 as much as $46,990. VW advertising can be found in newsprints, publications as well as on TV once more the very first time in a lot of years.
The T3 Pickup and Double Cab Pickup are shown on Sydney Motor program. Ateco furthermore declares the Carat professional will undoubtedly be launched, but this doesn’t eventuate.
1,097 Volkswagens are offered – 1,097 Transporrters.

Ateco companies sells the Australian VW franchise on large British-based car circulation group Tozer Kemsley & Millbourn plc.
The T3 Transporter Pickup and Double taxi Pickups were introduced, aided by the 2.1-litre engine, with manual or automobile trans. A syncro type of the Caravelle is present, at $39,000. An extravagance syncro 4WD type of the Double taxi is also announced – the Tristar – but one of the appear. The T3 Syncro is termed Overlander Magazine’s 4WD of the season.
1,182 Volkswagens are offered – 107 Golfs and 1,075 Transporters.
Australia’s biggest VW tv show, the VW Nationals, try relocated to the Valentine recreations Park at Parklea, homes of NSW football Federation. Two Caravelle Syncros, driven by VW-enthusiast police Dallas Tidyman and John O’Donnell, are accustomed to take people around a special off road bush track near the show area. This dazzling and impressive show for the Syncro’s skills causes many Syncro selling here week.
Graham and John Lees again compete in the Australian Safari in a Syncro Double taxi Transporter, once again winning their class and finishing 13th straight-out.
The last T3 syncro Transporters can be bought therefore the design try discontinued.
954 Volkswagens can be bought – 289 Golfs and 665 Transporters.

The last rear-engined T3 Transporter comes, plus the design are discontinued.

First-built in August 1979, the T25, also known in the USA as a Vanagon, as well as in Germany therefore the most of European countries as a T3, was a huge profits and a radical jump forward from development between Splitscreen and Bay Window Campers and Transporters.

T25As you will be able to see below, by the end of manufacturing, the humble 1979, 1600cc CT model ended up being changed by a gasoline inserted 2100cc DJ device plus the useful, yet not great, off path 2 wheel drive setup had been readily available as a four wheel drive model called a Syncro. The Syncro had a really good set of gearboxes and run gear stated in Austria by Puch. The syncro ended up being for sale in 14 inches and 16 inches wheel sizes. As with the 2 wheel drive version, it can be purchased as a van, screen van, microbus, Caravelle, Carat delux microbus, solitary cab pickup, dual taxi pickup plus in middle and large top variations, plus a VW accepted camping variation produced by Westfalia in Germany.
10 useful facts about the T25

The washer bottle are refilled by lifting the taxi pad up, for which you will find the washer bottle cap.
To top within the brake substance and on article 1981 versions, clutch fluid, you need to get rid of the black colored address towards the tool panels. But be cautious, if you're somewhat harsh, the vinyl tags holding the set up on dashboard break off!
On a 2 wheel drive model, both petrol and diesel variations, the gasoline tank is at the leading Because it has actually a concave top towards the tank, dirt and soil can take a seat on the top the tank and corrosion it out. Well worth keeping an eye on.
German created cars post August 1985 had been dip addressed when you look at the factory for corrosion avoidance.
When you have air inside water-cooled petrol or diesel designs cooling system, it can cause all of them to overheat. To bleed from system the front of the automobile has to be 30 to 45 cms more than the rear. The bleed device try behind the barbeque grill.
The Westfalia brands with an elevating roofing utilize the initial gap that has been made for the material ‘tilt and slide’ sunroof and is undoubtedly the best style of camper with an elevating roof.
The past South African produced transporters included a 5-cylinder petrol motor that in European countries had been suited to the Passat and Audi 80.
The 1900cc and 2100cc water-cooled petrol motors are very ‘fussy’ as to what antifreeze you employ. If you utilize an ordinary antifreeze, it may erode the head men in a really quick range months, causing a number of issues, like loss of power, liquids leaks to the bores etc. Always use the correct liquid like J10916, which will be produced by FEBI in Germany to VW’s original specs.
Porsche has established a version of the VW Transporter, but labeled as they a B32, it was built as a limited version. The van is built with 3.2 liter Carrera motor and is initially developed as a support automobile for the Porsche 959, which participated in Paris-Dakar race.
Finally, a normal telephone call to JK staff is “how manage we check and fill-up the oil to my T25?” There’s a flap behind the rear quantity plate. Pull the tag and all are going to be revealed…

Production record and technical updates

May 1979 Hanover built 1st different types of the ‘third’ generation Volkswagen Transporter. It had been a total redesign associated with old Bay Window, becoming larger with bigger microsoft windows and tailgate, and a fresh front design. Very little was carried over from the previous design. There was newer suspension, which relocated away from the torsion bar system. Run on either a 1600cc 50bhp or 2000cc 70bhp air-cooled motor.

February 1981 Introduction of a water-cooled 1600cc diesel motor with 50bhp. This system originally came from the Golf.

September 1981 Introduction of this Caravelle, offering a far more luxurious internal.

October 1981 Saw 1st water-cooled flat four petrol machines in 2 models: DF 1900cc 60bhp and DG 1900cc 78bhp. Rear atmosphere intakes became plastic inserts.

1982 End of creation of air-cooled engined models in Germany.

August 1983 Introduction of an increased spec ‘Caravelle’ aided by the option of a 4 lamp square grille.

T251985 The year of a complete ‘revamp’ for the model. Modifications included newer fatigue techniques, forward suspension system, sliding home hair, gasoline shot methods, to-name just a few. It is said over 1000 adjustment had been manufactured in in 2010 alone. 1985 also saw the development of the Syncro, a four wheel drive vehicle, which was designed with Steyr/Daimler/Puch in Austria. Capable of climbing a 54per cent gradient utilizing a center viscous coupling.

1986 ...Onwards motors did not sustain therefore defectively with rust as a consequence of an innovative new corrosion procedures in manufacturing procedure.

September 1990 the final T25 left the Hanover factory, but manufacturing continued in South Africa before the end of 2002. The very last Syncro was integrated 1992.
Kind 25 framework numbers

The chassis amounts, also known as the VIN, are found stamped inside the offside home pillar. Discover tenth digit for the VIN and, utilizing the dining table below, this digit provides you with the design season. Take note the create times run from August to July maybe not January to December, therefore for instance a 1981 model could have been built-in belated 1980.

The very last 6 digits are the serial nos.
10th digit Design 12 months Develop date
A 1980 first Aug 79 > 31st Jul 80
B 1981 1st Aug 80 > 31st Jul 81
C 1982 1st Aug 81 > 31st Jul 82
D 1983 first Aug 82 > 31st Jul 83
E 1984 1st Aug 83 > 31st Jul 84
F 1985 1st Aug 84 > 31st Jul 85
G 1986 1st Aug 85 > 31st Jul 86
H 1987 1st Aug 86 > 31st Jul 87
J 1988 1st Aug 87 > 31st Jul 88
K 1989 1st Aug 88 > 31st Jul 89
L 1990 1st Aug 89 > 31st Jul 90
M 1991 1st Aug 90 > 31st Jul 91
N 1992 1st Aug 91 > 31st Jul 92
Type 25 system specs

1600cc air-cooled
2000cc air-cooled
1900 > 2100cc water-cooled
1600 > 1700cc diesel and turbo diesel

T25 motor figures

This could be discover stamped on the top of crankcase, centrally above the crankshaft pulley/fan on all petrol motors, as well as stamped regarding engine block between the shot pump and cleaner pump on all diesels.
1600cc air-cooled
CT 1600cc 50 bhp Flat 4
2000cc air-cooled
CU 2000cc 70 bhp Flat 4
CV 2000cc 70 bhp Flat 4
1900>2100cc water-cooled
EY 1900cc 55 bhp Flat 4
DF 1900cc 60 bhp Flat 4
SP 1900cc 73 bhp Flat 4
DG 1900cc 78 bhp Flat 4
DH 1900cc 83 bhp Flat 4
GW 1900cc 90 bhp Flat 4
SR 2100cc 87 bhp Flat 4
SS 2100cc 92 bhp Flat 4
MV 2100cc 95 bhp Flat 4
DJ 2100cc 112 bhp Flat 4
1600>1700cc diesel and turbo diesel
CS 1600cc 50 bhp Inline 4
KY 1700cc 57 bhp Inline 4
JX 1600cc 70 bhp Inline 4


Type 25 paint codes

Please note, all of the models offered as “Campers” began as vans or microbuses and were transformed by businesses including Viking, Devon and Bilbos. They often coated the bottom one half so it can have a distinctive 2 tone look, but almost certainly staying away from initial VW colours! JK supply many camper interior parts for transformation and repair. Paint signal information is correct to the best of your knowledge, however, we accept no responsibility for incorrect information.
LH8B Assuan Brown
L86Z Agate Brown
LA8A Marian Brown
LH8B Mocca Brown
L90D Pastel Light
LH9D Damuso Light
L567 Ivory
LP7Y Flash Silver Metallic
LH7V Wolfram Gray Metallic
LB7Y Vesuve Gray Metallic
L20B Ebony
LH1N Samos Beige
LH8T Timor Beige
LH8U Bronze Beige Metallic
LH1V Savannah Beige Metallic
LL1M Beige
LA1N Nevada Beige
LT6A Escorial Green
LH5H Cornat Blue
LY5B Copenhagen Blue
LH5K Guinea Azure
LH5G Medium Blue
LA5D Monaco Azure
LH5T Kuril Blue
LH5U Dove Blue Metallic
LA5B Aquatic Blue
LK5E Capri Blue
LP5Z Orly Blue Metallic
LH1B Bamboo Yellow
L20B Brilliant Lime
LH3D Marsala Red
LB3V Titan Red Metallic
LC3Y Bordeaux Red Metallic
LY3D Tornado Red

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Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) Successor. Volkswagen Transporter (T4) The Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) was the third generation of the Volkswagen Transporter and was marketed under various nameplates worldwide – including the Transporter or Caravelle in Europe, T25 in the UK, Microbus and Kombi in South Africa/Brazil/Australia, Kampeerauto in Netherlands ...

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The Volkswagen (Type 2) T3 Transporter, also known as T25 in the UK or VW Vanagon in the United States, was introduced in 1979. The T3 Transporter was one of the last all-new bodied Volkswagen platforms that still used an air-cooled, rear-engine design.

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VW Type 2 / T3 Transporter. The Volkswagen Type 2 (T3), (T25 within the UK) or Vanagon in the United States, the T3 platform was introduced in 1979, and was one of the last new Volkswagen platforms to use an air-cooled engine. The Volkswagen air-cooled engine was phased out for a water-cooled boxer engine (still rear-mounted) in 1983. Compared ...

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Vanagon is the North and South American name for the third generation Volkswagen Transporter Type 2 van. This boxy yet angled van has all the looks of a VW with a flavor of the 80s. The T3 was a larger and heavier continuation of the “Bay Window Bus” before it.

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A: The lowest recorded sale price was $2,350 for a 1986 volkswagen transporter t3 1.9d on Apr 15 2023. Q: What is the average sale price of a Volkswagen Type 2 - T3? A: The average price of a Volkswagen Type 2 - T3 is $23,508.

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Era 1980s. Origin German. Category Truck & 4x4. This 1986 Volkswagen T3 Transporter is a three-door Doka pickup that was imported to the United States from Canada in the mid-1990s. The seller acquired it in Oregon in 2014, sold it to a neighbor later that year, and reacquired it in 2017.

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Looking to sell your Volkswagen Type 2 - T3 ? There are 19 1989 Volkswagen Type 2 - T3 for sale right now - Follow the Market and get notified with new listings and sale prices.

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The T3 was the final generation of rear-engined Volkswagens. History. Following the T2, the T2/3 - Transporter 2 Generation 3 (and known as the T3's) - initially featured air-cooled and subsequently water-cooled engines. Versions produced in South Africa from 1990 until 2002 featured an Audi five-cylinder engine.

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Home / Classics. The Volkswagen T3 Transporter is a legendary vehicle. Motor Talk, our German-based blog partner, recently spoke with two Berlin-based bus experts to get tips on buying and fixing T3s.